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The haunted salt café

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Hello Everybaby (my first short story)

Two babies went shopping because they had too much money to handle. It was getting them down. A baby bought a big bag of nuts. A baby bought a pair of shoes. A baby bought a house plant. A baby bought a gift for the other baby. A baby bought a goat for a starving family in Africa. A baby bought Mario Kart 7. 

At the end of the day, the babies still had too much money by far. One of the babies said, out loud, “what’s say we chuck this down the pisser.” The other baby said, “let’s rock and roll.” They stuffed all the money down the toilet.
"That should do it," they said. Another baby came into the toilet and peed all over the big pile of money. The babies all winked at each other. 


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Hannah tried to suffocate me, those are my teeth marks

gotta do what ya gotta do

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Anonymous asked: why are you copying tumblr user mysterymeat237?

wow, in mysterymeat237’s dreams, who I’ve never heard of before. anyway I made me own theme so technically I’m original and very smart

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Sex move: the king’s pocket

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this man is always on figure reference sites. i’ve never seen a set of nude reference pictures online without this man being in it at least several times 

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Pee wee herman AKA Piss herman AKA Little Wet Wipes

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