ummm does anyone know where to find good life drawing pics. i always spend too long looking for good pics then end up not drawing >:-)

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if you’re younger than me and you’re cool keep it to yourself .

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i accidentally trained my dog to respond to ‘oi’ instead of no.. I Miss my dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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………………… not a freak………..i swear…

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Ummm„, i feel great ( : i’m looking forward to these things: seeing my friends,  finishing my project, moving to australia, reading all my books! 

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white male: aw showering without me :'(
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Why do teen boys always have wet lips

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FCKMEN201444444444!!!! I feel like I have to be attractive to be worth anything at all even though I know really it’s not true i cant get that way of thinking out of my head. And dunno if I ever will. I like feeling like I look nice but I don’t want to base my self worth on that and why should i. And also I feel afraid of men judging me positively or negatively. Which isn’t fair…I feel ashamed of myself around men. I wish I could turn what I know, ie it doesn’t matter what men think of me,into how I feel and think. I dunno if other girls or women feel like this or if I’m just extremely self conscious or what . I’m allowed to make a personal post I have the right to!
Another thing I hate is when men say they like all kinds of women and expect everyone to be grateful like thanks for fucking me even though I’m not quite up to real standards

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Add me on snapchat it’s camphound

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whatre the advantages of not eating meat

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